Whether online retailer, internet, telecommunication or service provider.

Digital invoice pickup is part of the daily life in accounting. invoicefetcher® is a cloud software that saves you and your clients time, money, nerves and organises receipts automatically.

Securely all in one place.

Easy and demandoriented pricing

Choose between a free and 5 upgradeable rates.
Our recommendation: invoicefetcher® standard provides a solid start for a automatically document pickup.

6,99 € per month, annual billing 7,99 € monthly
  • Online portals: 5 Additional portal: 0,99 € / monthly
  • Storage: 1024MB Additional storage: 0,99 € / GB / monthly
  • User: 1 Additional user: 0,99 € / monthly
14,99 € per month, annual billing 16,99 € monthly
  • Online portals: 25 Additional portal: 0,99 € / monthly
  • Storage: 2560MB Additional storage: 0,99 € / GB / monthly
  • User: 5 Additional user: 0,99 € / monthly
  • Additional client: 9,99 € / monthly

All prices exclude VAT.

Our services


Fully automatic download of incoming invoices

Export of receipts directly to invoicefetcher or your accounting software from hundreds of web portals from different branches, fully automatic and up-to-date.


Archiving of incoming invoices

Deposit your receipts or pdf-documents at our servers for 10 years, compliant with standard accounting principles, secured twice in Germany.


Factual and calculative correct

The respective colleague can be asked to examine the receipts with only one mouse click. It won’t get easier than this!


Evaluation and administration of receipts

Create reports for the most important information and statistics.


Automatic notification

We inform you on demand regularly or every time a new incoming invoice arrives via e-mail so that you have more time for more important things.


At any time, worldwide and on all terminal devices

Our cloud software is optimised for all terminal devices, which allows you to manage easy tasks on the way.


Your data security has top priority

We secure your data through a multilevel encryption and secure our service against unauthorised external access. Your data are saved on failsafe computers and have double security.


No selling of your data, no advertisements

You have the authority over your data. We neither trade with address data nor do we sell information to third parties. We value the security of your data.


Made in Germany

We are proud that we are developing our international platform as well as saving your data in Germany.

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Increase your productivity!

Take advantage of our limited introductory offer and benefit twice of price and performance.

invoicefetcher® target group

invoicefetcher® services might be interesting for everyone filing invoices, be it private or business customers. invoicefetcher® is especially helpful for bookkeepers and tax accountants dealing with financial accounting, as well as for entrepreneurs and freelancers of every size.

We are dedicated to your incoming invoices. We know from own experience how much effort it can take to recognise, find and order missing invoices in day-to-day business. More and more web portals with unrecognised invoices and e-mails with attached invoices that one might miss to see in the inbox.

Telephone, electricity and online market invoices often lie dormant on the provider’s own web portal. Once set up, invoicefetcher® organises the different web portals and picks up invoices regularly.

Multi-client capable

Our client solution for enterprise groups, external bookkeepers and tax accountants allows an even simpler overview. You have access to every invoice of each client via your customer account. This way, you can avoid time consuming log-ins and log-outs.

From a monthly task to an intelligent product

The idea for invoicefetcher® came into being at the coffee table on a Sunday. Back then, sending invoices via e-mail was highly controversial in Germany and often not allowed. The first suppliers recognised the potential for savings and started to provide invoices on their web portals instead of sending them by mail – to the customer’s disadvantage.

This development has gathered further pace due to legal changes. Today, invoices are normally provided on web portals or they are being sent directly by e-mail. Additional charges often occur for invoice delivery by post. This means that customers have to put more effort into receiving their invoices.

Strong increase in sending electronic invoices

In 2008, the amount of electronic invoices that were sent digitally was only 5% of 28.5 billion invoices sent in total in the EU. In 2017, the amount of electronic invoices will presumably make up 25% of 37 billion invoices sent (and counting) – digitalisation is well underway.

Source: billentis.com

invoicefetcher® presentation at Cebit 2017, Photo by Andreas Herzinvoicefetcher® presentation at Cebit 2017, Photo by Andreas Herz

We make digitalisation

There are many great tools, services and programmes which help you with writing invoices or with managing your bookkeeping automatically. But how to deal with the flood of incoming invoices arriving? We take care of that for you.

We are not reinventing the wheel. We simply automatise operations that are onerous, that no one wants to do and that do not generate added value for your actual business. We rely on cooperations and offer interfaces in both directions. Imagine you could import incoming invoices directly into your bookkeeping software. This is, among many other great things, what we are working on every day.


Browse through our press reviews or find out more about us on our company blog. If you should have any questions, contact us via e-mail (service@invoicefetcher.com) or call us (+49 (0)30 88942655).

MMT Carsten Hermann

Carsten Hermann, Managing Director MMT GmbH & Co. KG

"For our sales activities we rely on modern social media solutions, e-mail marketing and online advertisements. Every month, we have to deal with quite a number of receipts that we have to download individually. invoicefetcher® is a brilliant tool to automise this process for all of our providers’ portals. Now I do not have to think about collecting all receipts at the end of the month."

Free or with costs

Regardless of your decision, we are happy to have you as a customer. Use invoicefetcher® permanently with a limited range or order our premium tariff at an introductory price. It is your choice.