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One place for your bills

Telecommunication companies, energy suppliers, online shops: almost every company that you are are a customer of has refrained from using paper bills. While ecologically smart, there is one definite disadvantage: you do not receive your bills automatically like you used to when they were delivered to your postbox.
Now you have to take action to check your bills, which means more work. You have to log-in to the respective websites and download the bills one at a time. invoicefetcher® is the solution to this problem: the cloud software downloads all relevant bills for you automatically and saves them for up to 10 years. You can check all your bills with on simple mouse click.

invoicefetcher® presentation at Cebit 2017, Photo by Andreas Herz

Fully automatic download of incoming invoices

Export of receipts directly to invoicefetcher® or your accounting software from hundreds of web portals from different branches, fully automatic and up-to-date.

Archiving of incoming invoices

Deposit your receipts or pdf-documents at our servers for 10 years, compliant with standard accounting principles, secured twice in Germany.

Factual and calculative correct

The respective colleague can be asked to examine the receipts with only one mouse click. It won’t get easier than this!

Evaluation and administration of receipts

Create reports for the most important information and statistics.

Automatic notification

We inform you on demand regularly or every time a new incoming invoice arrives via e-mail so that you have more time for more important things.

Made in Germany

We are proud that we are developing our international platform as well as saving your data in Germany.

Easy and demandoriented pricing

Choose between a free and 5 upgradeable rates.
Our recommendation: invoicefetcher® standard provides a solid start for a automatically document pickup.

3,99 / month

Fair use for beginners of automation

7,99 / month

For growing companies, teams & agencies

13,99 / month

Great for online, small & local businesses

All prices exclude VAT.

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