The story of invoicefetcher®

The idea for automatic invoice download came up at the coffee table!

The idea for invoicefetcher® came into being at the coffee table on a Sunday. Back then, sending invoices via e-mail was highly controversial in Germany and often not allowed. The first suppliers recognised the potential for savings and started to provide invoices on their web portals instead of sending them by mail – to the customer’s disadvantage.

This development has gathered further pace due to legal changes. Today, invoices are normally provided on web portals or they are being sent directly by e-mail. Additional charges often occur for invoice delivery by post. This means that customers have to put more effort into receiving their invoices.

What are our Skills

The people standing behind invoicefetcher® wanted to realise their convictions and bring change. Every time processes seem to be slowing down, it needs personalities with a vision who want to solve the problem.

The beginning

We can look back on 10 years of experience. In 2008, we first downloaded a digital invoice automatically. Later, this led to the idea behind invoicefetcher®. Today, we download thousands of invoices for our clients every day.

Made in Germany

invoicefetcher® is ‘made in Germany’. Or should we say ‘made in Schönefeld’? Here we were able to find everything we needed. And from here we develop and operate invoicefetcher® for Europe and the world.

Experts in every discipline

Our team has the best experts for API, web and screen scraping. Only thanks to them we were able to launch invoicefetcher® in such a short period of time. Today, international major businesses are reaching out to us: they want to know how our software works.


The invoicefetcher® team has years of experience in the IT sector. Thus, we can develop everything we need for our customers ourselves. invoicefetcher® is programmed by smart minds and constantly improving.

A single provider

Here at invoicefetcher®, the boss is still involved in the developments of the product. Not because he has to but because he enjoys it. And exactly this attitude constitutes our service. You will be able to sense that through our direct client service: the invoicefetcher® team enjoys doing what they are doing. This an extremely important force to keep on going.

In-house development

Not only is our software an in-house development but also the hundreds of provider connections invoicefetcher® has to offer. This way, we have more freedom in refining our software and, most of all, in the service for our clients. Thanks to our in-house developments, we are normally able to help you quickly with individual requests if you have any.

From a monthly task to an intelligent product

  1. The idea was born

    at the coffee table of the parents

  2. First business plan written

    Brand was registered

  3. Trademark registration successful

  4. Founding of invoicefetcher

  5. Market launch at the Cebit

    Cooperations with
    lexoffice and sevDesk

  6. Hard work

    Platform development and customer growth

  7. The Year of Truth

    New products, improved functions,
    daily pick-ups for every customer

  8. Everything on growth

  9. The team grows

  10. Cooperation started with Amazon

Strong increase in sending electronic invoices

In 2008, the amount of electronic invoices that were sent digitally was only 5% of 28.5 billion invoices sent in total in the EU. In 2017, the amount of electronic invoices will presumably make up 25% of 37 billion invoices sent (and counting) – digitalisation is well underway.


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