About us

The company invoicefetcher UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

The people standing behind invoicefetcher® wanted to realise their convictions and bring change. Every time processes seem to be slowing down, it needs personalities with a vision who want to solve the problem.

Phillip Strauch

Founder, Owner and Managing Director

Phillip Strauch came up with the idea for invoicefetcher® at his parents’ coffee table in 2008. Every time he saw his parents, they asked him to download digital invoices from web portals for them. „That can be done by one tool alone“, Phillip, coming from Berlin Schönefeld, thought back then. He programmed the tool, wrote a business plan later, implemented European policies and raised the capital needed for his plan. Then, the father of a family quit his safe job as Head of Sales. Today, the professional service is called invoicefetcher® and celebrated a fulminant introduction to the market at the Cebit.

Phillip Strauch

Klaus Jungnickel

Companion and technical director

It did not take a long time to convince him to participate in the project. As the perfect co-worker that he is, Klaus Jungnickel is working incredibly hard to make invoicefetcher® work smoothly. Technical refinements are his speciality. In his working life he has managed to acquire a lot of experience we can profit from now.

Thomas Hebestreit


Thomas Hebestreit is the right person to ask when it comes to PR! It did not take him long to join the exciting project called invoicefetcher®. Experienced in PR, Thomas will be taking care of the external perception of invoicefetcher®.

Marianna Kapus


Our designer, Marianna, is convinced: vision plays an important role in life. Having designed the print media for the Cebit 2017 for invoicefetcher®, Marianna convinced us too. Coming from Berlin, Marianna and her new ideas fit perfectly into the team.