FAQ Questions and answers

Short description

invoicefetcher® picks up your invoices and receipts automatically from web portals. For this purpose, it is necessary that invoicefetcher® know your login data. You do not have to provide your login data but we recommend it for a more convenient use of our services. In both cases, you can be sure: We know how sensitive your data is. invoicefetcher® processes them accordingly.And that is a promise!

How safe are my passwords?
Your passwords are in good hands with invoicefetcher®! They are stored securely, inaccessibly and encoded.
Does invoicefetcher® work on smartphones and tablets?
Yes! We rely on an optimised web design and consciously abstain from programming our own apps for Android and iOS because secure web applications are the future!
Can I download my invoices individually or in packages?
You have many different options to download your invoices from invoicefetcher®. Annually, monthly or for each provider.
How much does invoicefetcher® cost?
Our need-based price list can be found here. Our basic packages can be extended according to your needs.
Can I increase the number of portals?
Yes. If the included portals of your respective basic package are in use, you can add further portals for 0,99 EUR. More details can be found under Prices.
What is an invoicing party, provider or supplier?
The invoicing parties are your providers/suppliers who send you invoices via online portals.
My provider/ issuer of my invoices is not available!
No problem! If feasible, we will program a new automatism within 96 hours. There will be no additional charges. After a successful quality check and introduction into our live system, we will inform you and all of our other customers about the new option. We depend on your cooperation and would be delighted if you could help us extend invoicefetcher®.
Why should users save their passwords?
In order to use the services provided by invoicefetcher® comfortably, we recommend the deposit of passwords. Otherwise, the convenient automatic pick-up of your digital invoices would not be possible without your active authorisation. The use of invoicefetcher® is also possible without a permanent saving of passwords. For this purpose, the semi-automatic setting is available.
How safe is my data?
The protection of your data is our top priority. Our company complies with German laws, especially the Federal Data Protection Act (Budesdatenschutzgesetz, BDSG). Our servers are located and secured in computer centres in Germany and only there your data is being deposited. We explicitly reject the passing on of data to third parties. We are doing everything to protect your sensitive data. For instance, the connections between your terminal devices (computer, smartphone, tablet) and our servers are secured via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate encoded with an extended validation. invoicefetcher® was successfully tested in detail by the certification office. The high level of encryption makes unauthorised access impossible. The certification guarantee of $1,5 Mio. adds even more protection. This sort of encryption can usually only be found in the banking sector. All of our operational procedures include policies for the protection of your sensitive data, for instance professional document destruction, professional back-up strategies, encoded data transfer, servers in highly secured German computer centres as well as protection via firewall and antivirus systems.