invoicefetcher® is a cloud software that saves you time, money and nerves.

Pick up, organise and archive incoming online invoices regularly and automatically.

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Our services

  • download

    Fully automatic download of incoming invoices

    Export of receipts directly to invoicefetcher or your accounting software from hundreds of web portals from different branches, fully automatic and up-to-date.

  • toolbox

    Archiving of incoming invoices

    Deposit your receipts or pdf-documents at our servers for 10 years, compliant with standard accounting principles, secured twice in Germany.

  • search

    Factual and calculative correct

    The respective colleague can be asked to examine the receipts with only one mouse click. It won’t get easier than this!

  • presentation

    Evaluation and administration of receipts

    Create reports for the most important information and statistics.

  • chat

    Automatic notification

    We inform you on demand regularly or every time a new incoming invoice arrives via e-mail so that you have more time for more important things.

  • responsive

    At any time, worldwide and on all terminal devices

    Our cloud software is optimised for all terminal devices, which allows you to manage easy tasks on the way.

  • shield

    Your data security has top priority

    We secure your data through a multilevel encryption and secure our service against unauthorised external access. Your data are saved on failsafe computers and have double security.

  • bullhorn2

    No selling of your data, no advertisements

    You have the authority over your data. We neither trade with address data nor do we sell information to third parties. We value the security of your data.

  • germany

    Made in Germany

    We are proud that we are developing our international platform as well as saving your data in Germany.

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    Your needs are important to us. We invite you to take part in the further development of Invoicefetcher. Let us know your wishes, ideas and suggestions.

Automatic online invoice pickup

Whether online retailer, internet, telecommunication or service provider. Digital invoice pickup is part of the daily life in accounting. is a cloud software that saves you time, money, nerves and organises receipts automatically.

Market launch of the beta version @Scale11 Cebit 2017

invoicefetcher® is currently available as a charged beta version. Start now in an efficient digital future and order one of our basic packages Free, Starter, Standard, Premium, Professional or contact us here. You will profit from special conditions and we will profit from your professional feedback.

Medienvirus Jens Bayer

Jens Bayer, Owner medienvirus - get infected

"Already during the foundation of my company I knew that it was important to simplify and automatise processes. invoicefetcher® is exactly what I have expected: set it up and relax! The service works fully automatically and saves a lot of time. I can find my receipts immediately. And all that for a reasonable price."

PR-Manager Thomas Hebestreit

PR-Freelancer Thomas Hebestreit

"I want to be able to focus on my main business. Every hour that I spend on paperwork means less turnover. The collecting of online invoices once a year charged by telecommunication companies, car rentals and hotels from e-mails and web portals used to be a recurring nightmare. Invoicefetcher manages all that fully automatically for me now. And now I am relaxed when I hand over my paperwork to my tax accountant because I can find everything in one place."

Konstructive Konstantin Henschen

Konstantin Henschen, Founder and CEO of Revolution Sports

"Our company builds first-class premium bicycles. My customers expect creativity and ideas for extraordinary special requests. For that reason I need to be clearheaded. I leave the troublesome collecting of important invoices to Invoicefetcher, which makes paperwork immensely easier. My tax accountant does not have to ask for missing receipts. A dream come true – like our bikes."

MMT Carsten Hermann

Carsten Hermann, Managing Director MMT GmbH & Co. KG

"For our sales activities we rely on modern social media solutions, e-mail marketing and online advertisements. Every month, we have to deal with quite a number of receipts that we have to download individually. invoicefetcher® is a brilliant tool to automise this process for all of our providers’ portals. Now I do not have to think about collecting all receipts at the end of the month."

Dynaglobe Markus Popfinger

Markus Popfinger, Geschäftsführer Dynaglobe Products GmbH & Co. KG

"Suddenly, the letter arrived. The ARD fee service asks us to pick up our invoices from the web portal in the future. I was very stressed. That the reason why I let invoicefetcher® do the work now. And on top, they also deal with my invoices from other providers like telecash, ebay and others."

Dates and Events

  • 40. Deutscher Steuerberatertag

    08.10.2017 - 10.10.2017 in Berlin, Deutschland

    We would be delighted to welcome you at our booth at the Tax Consultant Day. You can find more information about the event for tax consultants on the website of the DStV. You can make an appointment with us here.

  • Axel Springer NOAH Conference Berlin 2017

    22.06.2017 - 23.06.2017 Berlin, Deutschland

    Meet us at this year's NOAH conference in Berlin. Let us talk about digitalisation and the daily receipts-madness. More information and tickets for the event can be found here. We can also arrange a meeting, just write us a message via our contact form.

  • HEUREKA 2017

    20.06.2017 Berlin, Deutschland

    Meet us at this year's HEUREKA conference in Berlin. Let us talk about digitalisation and the daily receipts-madness. More information and tickets for the event can be found here. We can also arrange a meeting, just write us a message via our contact form.

  • Scale11 @ Cebit 2017

    20.03.2017 - 24.03.2017 Hannover, Deutschland

    Phillip Strauch, founder and managing director of the start-up invoicefetcher® announced the market launch of his company on the first day of the Cebit in Hannover. The brilliant market launch has shown that the idea behind invoicefetcher is absolutely sellable and that there is a need for it, be it for private customers, freelancers or companies.