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invoicefetcher® and onBill announce cooperation

invoicefetcher® and onBill announce cooperation, Photo by Andreas Herz

An important handshake between Toni Klätke, CEO of onBill, and Phillip Strauch, managing director of invoicefetcher, has started a great cooperation between the two Berlin start-ups at the Cebit. The new cloud service provider invoicefetcher® and onBill, an invoice software provider, will be cooperating in the future - a collaboration which will optimise and bring forward the working mechanisms of digital bookkeeping.

invoicefetcher® will be automising the digital invoice collection for onBill. Both companies will intensify the work on this plan in the next weeks. They have planned shared user workshops and the development and integration of a large API interface which will connect both services perfectly.

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Licence fee for citizens

As recently announced by the GEZ, invoices addressed to customers liable to pay will no longer be sent by mail. From an ecological standpoint, this is surely something that can be appreciated. It is also a further step into the digital era.

The only downside is that many customers might forget to pay the fees without the written notice. The GEZ is apparently planning to get rid of any kind of notice, be it written or by e-mail. Customers have to check the web portal independently and regularly to find out about the next payment and pay it before the deadline.

A reminder of the debt due will not be sent promptly so that customers could find themselves confronted with high additional charges for several months or even years.

The solution: invoicefetcher picks up the digital invoices automatically and regularly so that no invoice can be forgotten.



Perfect launch for invoicefetcher at the Cebit

It could not have gone any better for the invoicefetcher team at the Cebit! The doors of the Cebit had just opened when founder, owner and managing director Phillip Strauch announced the launch of invoicefetcher. From this moment on, the invoicefetcher stand was constantly surrounded by interested private customers and representatives of big international companies who tested the demo version of the cloud software, asked for information, tried out the test access and examined the functioning. Companies praised the idea, freelancers were happy that they had eventually found a solution for their bookkeeping problems.

At the shared stand for young innovative companies from Germany, in the @Scale11- hall, invoicefetcher (booth C20/12) quickly became the magnet and centre of attention.

We owe a big thank you to all the helpers helping at our stand who relentlessly handed out flyers and drew attention to our start-up. It is also their merit that invoicefetcher could achieve an echo that reached much further than just the Cebit.

The brilliant market launch has shown that the idea behind invoicefetcher is absolutely sellable and that there is a need for it, be it for private customers, freelancers or companies. The many registrations at the Cebit, talks about OEM contracts already taking place and cooperation requests prove that the idea behind invoicefetcher is hitting a nerve.

We want to thank all the people who showed an interest in our product and all the customers who have expressed their trust in us.

IT tips


Professional back-ups for your computer for free

Computer users, be it a private or a work computer, should save their data regularly with professional tools. If possible, store the back-up in a safe location, e.g. family members, business partners or bank vault.

However, the search for the right software is not easy. There are many offers and the difference lies in the details. The handling and restoration varies with each software. Problems with the restoration of data can occur due to wrong configurations.

The invoicefetcher team recommends the new free solution Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE for desktop Windows computers. We tested the little tool and are convinced: the tool is easy to use and secures your Windows computer from data loss. The data can be saved either on network storage or on an external hard disk drive. In case something is being deleted by accident, the respective document can be restored quickly. With a litt-le tick you can also protect the back-up from aggressive encryption viruses.

Veeam is well known for its professional back-up software for highly available Virtualization by VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V.



Beta phase has started

Done: invoicefetcher is online! In the last days, our team has been working particularly hard in order to get everything done before the Cebit. And now, with a test account, everyone can access and try out the simple and genius service provided by invoicefetcher.

At the moment, our cloud software is in the beta phase. The full service will be available soon. Behind the scenes, we are still busy working on further developments of our services.

If you want to participate in our test phase or if you have any questions, just contact us here!