Perfect launch for invoicefetcher at the Cebit

It could not have gone any better for the invoicefetcher team at the Cebit! The doors of the Cebit had just opened when founder, owner and managing director Phillip Strauch announced the launch of invoicefetcher. From this moment on, the invoicefetcher stand was constantly surrounded by interested private customers and representatives of big international companies who tested the demo version of the cloud software, asked for information, tried out the test access and examined the functioning. Companies praised the idea, freelancers were happy that they had eventually found a solution for their bookkeeping problems.

At the shared stand for young innovative companies from Germany, in the @Scale11- hall, invoicefetcher (booth C20/12) quickly became the magnet and centre of attention.

We owe a big thank you to all the helpers helping at our stand who relentlessly handed out flyers and drew attention to our start-up. It is also their merit that invoicefetcher could achieve an echo that reached much further than just the Cebit.

The brilliant market launch has shown that the idea behind invoicefetcher is absolutely sellable and that there is a need for it, be it for private customers, freelancers or companies. The many registrations at the Cebit, talks about OEM contracts already taking place and cooperation requests prove that the idea behind invoicefetcher is hitting a nerve.

We want to thank all the people who showed an interest in our product and all the customers who have expressed their trust in us.

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