Professional back-ups for your computer for free

Computer users, be it a private or a work computer, should save their data regularly with professional tools. If possible, store the back-up in a safe location, e.g. family members, business partners or bank vault.

However, the search for the right software is not easy. There are many offers and the difference lies in the details. The handling and restoration varies with each software. Problems with the restoration of data can occur due to wrong configurations.

The invoicefetcher team recommends the new free solution Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE for desktop Windows computers. We tested the little tool and are convinced: the tool is easy to use and secures your Windows computer from data loss. The data can be saved either on network storage or on an external hard disk drive. In case something is being deleted by accident, the respective document can be restored quickly. With a litt-le tick you can also protect the back-up from aggressive encryption viruses.

Veeam is well known for its professional back-up software for highly available Virtualization by VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V.

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