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invoicefetcher® - download invoices automatically

Tax advisors and accountants

Imagine an intelligent software downloading and archiving your clients’ digital invoices. The bills are always where you need them. The search for clients’ invoices and queries are a thing of the past.

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Optimise the bookkeeping processes in your company: invoicefetcher® downloads digital invoices automatically and saves them all in one place. Internal costs and excessive efforts for the search and manual download can be eliminated. As no invoices are lost or overlooked, your business profits from tax advantages.

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Are you checking the digital bills issued by your telephone or energy supplier? If you want to, there is no longer the need to log-in to the website of every single provider. invoicefetcher® gets the job done for you. The intelligent tool downloads invoices and saves them securely in one place - only one mouse click away.

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Our services

Exceptional customer service:

At invoicefetcher®, boss and developers are still picking up the phone themselves. You do not believe us? Try it! Individual and effective customer service via telephone and e-mail are important to us. Our existing clients appreciate that. You can convince yourself of our flat hierarchy and our close contact.

Downloading bills 2.0!

We specialise in fetching, downloading and providing digital invoices from websites: fully-automatic and saved in one place. You will save time you can invest in your actual business.

You can trust us:

invoicefetcher® processes and saves data exclusively with the help of our own software and our own servers. This is where your data will stay. Our high-performance datacentre is located in Germany.

Optimal cost-benefit ratio:

We calculate in your favour and go without massive overheads and big company cars. invoicefetcher® has a lean and efficient structure. Thus, we can offer our service packages at a reasonable price.

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Working without limits:

Everything you need to use invoicefetcher® is a web-enabled device - regardless of your location. Be it your smartphone, tablet or computer, the content will automatically adjust to your screen size. Furthermore, invoicefetcher® offers barrier-free access. The language used is clear and easy.

invoicefetcher® is tomorrow’s standard!

Try our free test trial and let us convince you. We are certain that you will be pleased. Our goal is that you will profit from our service for a long time.

Free test trial (all functions included for 90 days)

We make digitalisation

There are many great tools, services and programmes which help you with writing invoices or with managing your bookkeeping automatically. But how to deal with the flood of incoming invoices arriving? We take care of that for you.

We are not reinventing the wheel. We simply automatise operations that are onerous, that no one wants to do and that do not generate added value for your actual business. We rely on cooperations and offer interfaces in both directions. Imagine you could import incoming invoices directly into your bookkeeping software. This is, among many other great things, what we are working on every day.

For our sales activities we rely on modern social media solutions, e-mail marketing and online advertisements. Every month, we have to deal with quite a number of receipts that we have to download individually. invoicefetcher® is a brilliant tool to automise this process for all of our providers’ portals. Now I do not have to think about collecting all receipts at the end of the month.
I want to be able to focus on my main business. Every hour that I spend on paperwork means less turnover. The collecting of online invoices once a year charged by telecommunication companies, car rentals and hotels from e-mails and web portals used to be a recurring nightmare. Invoicefetcher manages all that fully automatically for me now. And now I am relaxed when I hand over my paperwork to my tax accountant because I can find everything in one place.
Already during the foundation of my company I knew that it was important to simplify and automatise processes. invoicefetcher® is exactly what I have expected: set it up and relax! The service works fully automatically and saves a lot of time. I can find my receipts immediately. And all that for a reasonable price.
  • Carsten Hermann, Managing Director MMT GmbH & Co. KG Carsten Hermann Managing Director MMT GmbH & Co. KG
  • Thomas Hebestreit, PR-Freelancer Thomas Hebestreit PR-Freelancer
  • Jens Bayer, medienvirus - get infected Jens Bayer medienvirus - get infected

Easy and demandoriented pricing

Choose between a free and 5 upgradeable rates.
Our recommendation: invoicefetcher® standard provides a solid start for a automatically document pickup.

7,99 / month

For growing companies, teams & agencies

13,99 / month

Great for online, small & local businesses

18,99 / month

Ideal for larger companies & tax advisors

All prices exclude VAT.

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