Digital document management of the new generation

How is AMAGNO connected to invoicefetcher®?

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    Enter the address to your AMAGNO DMS and establish a connection.

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    Select an import date from which invoice date your documents should be transferred.

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    Completely set up, we transfer your incoming invoices to AMAGNO every 30 minutes.

Digitalize your paper and file inventories
and reduce the daily e-mail flood

AMAGNO is the manufacturer and provider of the innovative Digital Workplace solution of the same name, which has won several awards. Based on self-developed document management (DMS) and enterprise content management (ECM) technologies, digitalize your paper and file inventories, reduce the daily e-mail flood and work more audit-proof and transparent than ever before.

AMAGNO's motivation is to offer the simplest, fastest and most productive solution at all levels to replace the old, historical ways of working. AMAGNO starts with the crystal-clear user interface, the simple license model, the fast commissioning, including the transfer of existing file structures and convinces with simple support.

AMAGNO was founded in 2010 in Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. With an almost annual doubling of turnover and personnel, AMAGNO is one of the fastest growing digital companies in Germany.

Better than paper

Your digital, interactive documents in AMAGNO can do much more than dead paper. AMAGNO offers you an experience in using and finding your digital documents that you could never achieve with paper or files on a network drive.

Automate office work

Digitisation should take the strain off your work. Manual filing and typing of data is unnecessary. With its magnetization, AMAGNO offers the automation of filing and the extraction of relevant data in all areas. With AMAGNO, anyone can automate and is no privilege less.

Work securely and digitally

The results of your work are very valuable. With AMAGNO, you not only protect your documents from problems with your previous way of working. You also protect your company against the consequences of the lack of legal requirements such as GoBD, DSGVO, ISO, FDA and many more.

Reliable workflows

One of the highest goods of a company are fast business processes with high reliability. With AMAGNO you can put an end to a lack of transparency, wrong responsibilities and above all the time delay caused by manual paper forwarding. Enable external parties to be integrated into your processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which data from the invoice is transmitted?

We transfer the invoice as a PDF to AMAGNO.

How often are invoices transferred to AMAGNO?

invoicefetcher® transfers your invoices to AMAGNO every 30 minutes.

Extend invoicefetcher® with AMAGNO and start digitization

13,99 / month

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