Health and social

Part of this sector are hospitals, institutions for the elderly, nursery schools and youth clubs but also handcraft services such as dentistry, hearing aid companies, opticians and orthopaedic technology.

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We can download your invoices from optadata, BFS health finance Mandantenportal, medisign SMC-B, DZR Deutsche Zahnärztliche Rechenzentren Praxis Portal, ZA Zahnärztliche Abrechnungsgesellschaft, Health AG Kundenportal Factoring, virtuagym, trebono, Optica für Heilmittelerbringer, Optica für Hilfsmittelerbringer, dm Drogerie, medatixx, Plandent and lemniscus regularly and automatically. You can organise your receipts fully automatically, up-to-date and in one account to transfer it to your accounting software for further processing. We help you to save you time, money and nerves by collecting your monthly incoming invoices.

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