invoicefetcher® and Amazon Business launch technical cooperation and integration to automated invoice retrieval for customers.

Daily document retrieval through real interface.

Germany-based cloud service provider invoicefetcher® and Amazon Business have just launched a new integration to support automatic retrieval of purchase invoices.

Specialized in automation solutions for incoming invoices, the Schönefeld-based company’s collaboration with Amazon Business is a technical game changer for customers. Retrieved invoices can be automated exported to various accounting or bookkeeping preparation systems, saving customers time and effort.

„We are very excited about the solution developed with Amazon Business.“, Strauch explains. „Together with Amazon Business and our customers, we are taking another important step towards the fully automated delivery of digital accounting documents. With invoicefetcher®, we have set a new benchmark for the transfer, export, and sharing of invoice documents,“ he adds. The collaboration also shows that the invoicefetcher® service and the solutions aligned with its core topics have long been successfully established on the market.

About invoicefetcher®

invoicefetcher® is the link to digital accounting – and not only for tax accountants and advisors. Sole proprietors along with small, medium-sized, and large companies are among the clients of the cloud service provider. Customers can use invoicefetcher® based on individual criteria and choose from five different rate plans.

invoicefetcher® defines the new standard in digital invoice retrieval and delivery

invoicefetcher® was founded in February 2016 in Schönefeld, in the German state of Brandenburg, and already boasts a thriving track record of strong organic growth and successful collaborations with numerous companies.

The German cloud software saves time, money, and stress by automatically organizing incoming invoices from online portals, emails, and scans. For business customers, this reduces the invoice receipt process to the essentials.

Bookkeeping preparation systems, established accounting software, ERP systems and document management software all add more value through integration and automatic delivery by invoicefetcher®.

The invoicefetcher® system is a complete in-house development and guarantees extremely high reliability, data security, and data privacy in line with the latest standards. Although the company does process data on behalf of other entities, its business model does not include data analytics or data brokering.

Established by start-up entrepreneur Phillip Strauch, the company was launched at the CeBIT trade fair in March 2017 with the mission of automating and simplifying the retrieval and collection of digital invoices and documents for business clients. The consistent goal is to reduce the processes to the essentials and make them as straightforward as possible. The numbers speak for themselves: to date, more than 29 target systems for preparation, document approval and release, accounting, and document management have teamed up with invoicefetcher®, and more than five million incoming invoices from online portals have already been automatically retrieved and processed for the company’s approximately 9,000 business customers worldwide.

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