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You can manage all your Unielektro invoices in one place with invoicefetcher®. Our cloud software saves you time, money and nerves.

There is no business relationship between invoicefetcher® and Unielektro.
The collection of your Unielektro invoices is fully automatically on your behalf, through our automatisms, connectors and interfaces.

How do I connect Unielektro with invoicefetcher®

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    Sign up with your e-mail address and personal data.

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    Add your Unielektro account data (party, provider or supplier) to your invoicefetcher® account.

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    invoicefetcher® collects your Unielektro bills automatically and makes them available to you clearly.

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13,99 / month

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yes Unielektro Invoices + 9 additional billers
yes unlimited Documents
yes App`s included

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