Get your online invoices from Collmex

Pick up your incoming online invoices from Collmex regularly and automatically.

You can manage all your incoming invoices from hundreds of web portals in one place with invoicefetcher®. Our cloud software saves you time, money and nerves.

Collmex offers you revolutionary and intuitive solutions for online bookkeeping. The company was founded in 2003, and has been growing ever since. Until today, Collmex has won over 10,000 happy customers. They focus on cloud functions, which allows to process the bookkeeping, invoicing and merchandise management directly online. The service makes your company mobile, since you are not dependent on a fixed working place. The whole administration can be controlled with the cloud. Via the menue item Verwaltung des Kundenkontos customers can access and download all invoices. Invoicfetcher can download these invoices for you automatically, so that you have all your invoices in one place.

Suppliers commonly used with Collmex

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