Marketing, PR and design

PR and advertising agencies offer an extensive list of products for the public image of small, medium-sized and large companies. The portfolios of the agencies cover a range from simple flyer-designs to complete advertising, marketing and PR strategies.

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We can download your invoices from ADCELL, Adobe, affilinet Advertiser, affilinet Publisher, American Express Reisen, BS Payone Service Portal, canva, creativemarket, fleet ad,,, Gettyimages, Google Ads, inVisionApp, istockphoto, Microsoft Bing Ads, Panthermedia, pixellu cloudproofing, placeit, PR Gateway, saal-digital Fotografenportal, Shutterstock, tailwindapp, thenounproject, VITAdisplays and Zanox regularly and automatically. You can organise your receipts fully automatically, up-to-date and in one account to transfer it to your accounting software for further processing. We help you to save you time, money and nerves by collecting your monthly incoming invoices.

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