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On October, 23rd 2000, the search engine provider Google introduced the function GoogleAdWords. The name is a pun on the word adverts. The function enables the user to place advertisements which eventually have an effect on the search engine Google. The customer has access to the incurred costs via the personal Google account. It is also possible to determine an approximate daily budget which is to be invested. The cloud software Invoicefetcher can be integrated easily. Incurred costs are exported automatically, archived and clearly displayed.

The use of GoogleAdwords promises customers to win more daily visitors for their website. The service offers an enormous range of advertising possibilities, most of all, you can place your ads on the top of the search engine of the same name. So through good positioning you can generate new visitors for your website, which equals online sales, so that you can increase your business calls and processing. Google Adwords helps you with national and international advertisements. The company has a free hotline, which you can use any time. Costs for advertising are displayed in your customer account and can be downloaded by Invoicefetcher automatically.

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